Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank You Nicole

December 8, 2009

Thank You Nicole

My swap partner sent lovely buttons to me and my daughter.
As an extra, extra bonus Nicole included a length of vintage fabric that I can't wait to use!

Thank you Hannah for hosting this button swap.
I love buttons.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Buttons for my birthday!!!

YAY!!! i received my buttons yesterday morning just in time for my birthday! I was having a slightly unpleasant beginning to my day, (see my blog...) But what a  treat! i got some colourful house shaped ones and heart shaped ones and lovely wooden ones (wood buttons are my favorite!!! ) All wrapped in a lovely see through pouch! Thank you so much to my partner Kiran!!! Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hooray for Buttons!

I got a package of buttons in the mail today.  I can't ask for anything much better than that!
I wrote about it over here.  Thanks so much Evangeline, and to Hannah for organizing!

Friday, November 20, 2009

magic via my mailbox!

  Oh my, oh my! So very lucky to have been paired with the wonderful Laura! This really was a special swap and I'm so glad I got to be included. Read more about it at the mystical forest ....
xoxo Mindy Bell

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Button Love

November 17 2009

Button Love

I picked this ornament up years ago with the intent to make a bunch.

I think I may be decorating my Christmas tree differently next year.

Oh I sure do love buttons!

Your friend Camille.

Pop over to my blog If you would like at camillecreates.blogspot.com

The fun is in the giving...

I must confess when I first discovered Hannah's button swap I was really excited to be able to get some "new/old" buttons in exchange for some I had but then I started to sort and pick through my stash and guess what?  I discovered I was much happier and inspired in the process of giving rather than in the idea of getting!
My discovery came in the choosing of each button, thinking about how my swap partner "K" might be able to use them.  She had expressed the idea of being able to knit more, so I chose some light buttons that might be able to highlight her work.   She has many sweet children, so I wanted to add some buttons that would be cute on baby clothes (she sews, also).  She lives in Colorado so I added an antler button (those are so cool) and I live on the coast, so I added mother of pearl.  Other than the antler they are mostly vintage.
"K" seemed like the kind of person who would appreciate anything and yet with 8 (YES! 8) children I thought she could use a little pampering so I started to REALLY have fun in the presentation of the buttons.

I decided to wrap them in a vintage hankie (linen) with a picot edge.
I tied it off with a small strip of batik...I love batiks and have them all over my studio!

Then I wanted to include a little card so  I made a tiny little greeting card with some of my scrapping stash and a button (of course)!

The last thing I did was add a small goodie bag for her 2 daughters...YES, the other 6 are boys!  Bet they have a lot of fun at their house.  Sounds like it is full of love and sports equipment, trucks and trains! 
I included some more batik strips for dress up, some "not vintage, but colorful" buttons, a little crystal I discovered in my button stash (very shiny and magical) and a bright charm I had made of felt and embriodery floss.  I hope they all have so much fun opening them.  The blessing of this gift is how much fun and creativity it fostered in my process!  It has re-energized my already VERY active creative mind! 
Many thanks to Hannah, for the inspiration!

Don't forget to look for the magic in your life!
Susan  http://www.commonthreaddesigns.blogspot.com/

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hurray For Buttons

November 15, 2009

Thank you Hannah for creating a fun, buttonific swap.
Like Annie, I had a fun time sorting through my button collection.

I imagined quite a few projects to make that include lots and lots of buttons.
I've written them down for after the New Year.
It is fun to see some of my friends from Heather's vintage swap (vintageswaps.blogspot.com) are joining in the button festivities.
Hummmm, I think I feel a swap idea coming on!
I will share after the New Year.
Today, hurray for button swap!
Your friend, Camille. camillecreates.blogspot.com

Saturday, November 14, 2009

getting ready for the swap!!

Yay!!! A button swap!! I keep all my buttons in this lovely vintage tin that my man decided to put in the dishwasher one day, the print washed off so i got him to cut me a giant button to put on top of the lid and it became my button tin! 

 I had so much fun going through all these for this swap, and my mother even joined in the fun; after asking her if she had any old interesting buttons i could have for the swap, she dropped of a huge bag at my house!!! I've prepared a lovely little parcel for my swap partner Kiran and i just can't wait to see the results of all these little buttons being shipped everywhere!!! Have a great swap!!!   Annie

Friday, October 16, 2009

*** Button Swap ***

Fall 170 The movement towards repurposing, reusing, thrifting, etc. has brought the crafting world a whole new avenue of supplies. Vintage lovelies are popping up all over in beautifully handcrafted items. Repurposed items offer a uniqueness and charm that no big box can touch. Fabric, ribbon, trims…so many favorite supplies. But the cherry on top of it all…buttons. There is no end to the delight of sifting, sorting, organizing, and using these little jewels…for little and big hands alike! Fall 175

So….A Handmade Childhood is proud to announce…a

Button Swap!!!

It’s a pretty basic swap…nothing like the amazing Vintage Swap!!

I thought it would be a lot of fun…very cheap…and very easy to send a handful of buttons on to a new friend and receive a handful of new treasures in return! I’m sure you have all worked on projects whose design and materials were largely chosen based on a button or two!

*This project was inspired by a jar of delicious “new” buttons!*

ahandmadechildhood 27ahandmadechildhood 26

::So here’s the nitty gritty:

Button Swap sign-ups begin now! and will continue until Nov. 1st.

In order to sign-up send an email to me (Hannah) at ahandmadechildhood@gmail.com.

Please include in your email:


Mailing Address


Blog…if you have one!

Whether or not you are willing to ship internationally!

Once the sign-ups are complete you will receive an email including your Button Swap partner’s information, and a short questionnaire to help you know if your partner is looking for a certain type of button bliss!!!


A minimum of 15 and maximum of 20 buttons are to be swapped

Every button must be clean and in good repair.

You need to have communicated with your partner by Nov. 6th.

All packages must be sent off by Nov. 15th.

Keep in mind…we’re swapping fabulous, funky, wonderful buttons, all sizes all colors!…not so much white dress shirt buttons!!! (unless of course there is a request from your partner!!!)

I will include a list of the blogs included in the Button Swap here. If you would like to include pictures of the buttons you send or receive here or on your blog that would be fantastic! Fall 179


See…simple and easy…a little bit of extra vintage, repurposing, crafting fun before the Holiday season gets in full swing! Can’t wait!!